Liquick Pure intermittent catheter

Liquick Pure is an intermittent catheter with hydrophilic coating – designed with women in mind

Women are self-confident, independent and ambitious. To fit their active lifestyles, Teleflex has developed the Liquick Pure catheter system, a female catheter concept which is discreet, easy and convenient to use – for women who want to enjoy their independence, mobility and lust for life. Due to the sealing flap, the functional and compact packaging is easy to open, but also has a cosmetic look-and-feel and fits a handbag. The Liquick Pure Catheter is made of DEHP-free PVC.

Further characteristics

  • Catheter length: Adapted to the female urethra for a comfortable and easy insertion
  • Hydrophilic coating: SafetyCat catheter plus an integrated sachet with saline solution
  • Soft Cat Eyes: Softly rounded drainage openings – inside and outside
  • Protective catheter sleeve: Aseptic handling (non-touch catheterisation)
  • Expandable: A drainage bag can be connected to the funnel at the end of the catheter
  • Individual: Available in different diameters (sizes) and catheter tips

Product codes

15 cm | ergothan tip - 2 eyes, staggered

CH Ref Qty
08 851322-000080 30
10 851322-000100 30
12 851322-000120 30
14 851322-000140 30

15 cm | nelaton tip - 2 eyes, staggered

CH Ref Qty
08 851321-000080 30
10 851321-000100 30
12 851321-000120 30
14 851321-000140 30


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