Balloon catheter – solutions for permanent transurethral urinary drainage

Based on advanced technology and quality standards we offer a broad range of indwelling catheters in different sizes and with different types of tips

The patient’s health and well-being is our motivation to offer a variety or products. These products are designed to help reduce the following sources of irritation of the urethra, which can lead to urinary tract infections.

  • mechanical, e.g. by encrustations on the catheter itself
  • bacterial

Catheter tips

Cylindrical tip

The straight cylindrical tip is easy to use in the anatomically normal urethra.

Tiemann tip

The curved and slightly tapered Tiemann tip is designed to help ensure control during catheterisation in the male urethra.

Balloon catheter: Material


Silicone is a catheter material for long-term application. Silicone is very gentle for the tissue, is hypoallergenic and has a reduced tendency to encrustation.

Our silicone catheters are colorant-free, and therefore transparent, to facilitate monitoring whether a catheter needs to be changed.


Latex catheters are a cost-effective option.

Products made of natural latex may cause allergic reactions. We recommend that sensitised patients use only pure silicone balloon catheters.

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