Tips for intermittent self-catheterisation while travelling

Being perfectly prepared for your next vacation as a Teleflex customer has two requirements: the Teleflex single-use catheter, that provides you the maximum of freedom and mobility and the Teleflex medical device pass

Liquick X-treme Plus – for X-treme independence

The new ready-to-use Liquick X-treme Plus bladder catheter system is a complete system for a quick, convenient catheterisation virtually at any place and any time. This catheter system has a preconnected urine bag making it convenient to use whenever you need to catheterise yourself. Additionally, all the features of the Liquick X-treme Plus catheter system make this product suitable for daily use.

The Liquick X-treme Plus bladder catheter system with inside and outside softly rounded Soft Cat Eyes and a flexible Ergothan tip is ready to use straight out of the packaging due to the pre-activated hydrophilic coated SafetyCat catheter. Equipped with a blue introduction aid, a protective inner sleeve and a preconnected urine collection bag (with non-reflux valve, thumb hole that facilitates handling and perforation line for easy emptying) this system is designed to allow an independent completely aseptic, non-touch catheterisation. Just open the packaging, remove the system, unfold the urine collection bag and insert the urinary catheter.

Medical device pass

Teleflex offers with the medical device pass an indispensable companion for your travel plans. On the pass you can tick which medical devices you use. At the same time, you will find the corresponding designations of your medical devices in six different languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Turkish) in the national language. In addition, the medical device pass will state in the languages indicated that you must carry certain medical devices containing small amounts of liquid, as prescribed by your doctor. You can also have your doctor confirm this on the Teleflex medical device pass. Please always observe the currently valid customs and entry regulations of the respective country of travel for taking your devices with you.

Request your medical device pass free of charge at your local representative.

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