Urine drainage systems – knowledge details

Improving the user’s quality of life is always the focus of our product development and this is reflected in our urine collectors

Based on advanced technology and high-quality standards, we offer a broad range of urine collection bags for day and night.

Needle-free urine sampling port

Most of our urine collection bags are equipped with a needle-free urine sampling port designed to help to avoid needle-stick injuries. To take a urine sample, press the tip of a Luer syringe without a needle into the centre of the rubber stopper of the sampling port, turning it slightly, until it penetrates. The urine sampling port has to be disinfected before taking a urine sample.

Rigged universal connector

All urine bags with needle-free sampling port are also equipped with a specially designed ridged universal connector. It is covered with a protective cap and is suitable for common catheters. The connector ridges are tapered in the opposite direction to which the catheter is disconnected and help to enable a secure connection with the catheter funnel.

Non-drip outlet tap

The outlet taps of our bags are designed to be user-friendly. They are suitable for single-handed use, even with limited manual dexterity. Most of our leg bags are equipped with an extension tube at the end of the outlet tap for additional connections.

Vented drip chamber with integrated non-reflux valve

(only S-Bag)

The vented drip chamber with valve is designed to interrupt the urine flow. The ventilation at the drip chamber is designed to help prevent congestion of urine in the tub.

Additional ventilation on the bag

(only S-Bag and Night bags)

Our closed urine drainage systems are ventilated at the bag.


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