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Night bag - Urine drainage systems

Night Bags urine drainage systems

Night Bags – comfort for a good night

Our Night Bags are closed drainage systems that offer comfort during the night. The ridged universal connector with protective cap and connector ridges, which are in the opposite direction to which the catheter is disconnected, designed to enable a secure connection with the catheter funnel and is suitable for common catheters. The small drip chamber with non-reflux valve designed to prevent urine from flowing back from the bag into the catheter and the needle-free urine sampling port designed to allow urine withdrawal with a Luer-slip syringe without the risk of needle injury. The non-dripping bottom outlet with T-tap or lever tap outlet valve helps to enable the bag to be emptied.

Further characteristics – Night Bags

  • Convenient: Graduation in ml to monitor the urine volume
  • Secure: Due to a double attachment hook the night bag can be secured to the bed
  • Hygienic: Special “doghouse” holder to fix the outlet tube and for additional floor clearence
  • Comfortable: flexible inlet tubing and bag ventilation

Product codes – Night Bags

with T-Tap outlet valve – sterile

Capacity Tube lenght Ref Qty
2000 ml 120 cm 850420-000000 10

with lever tap outlet valve – sterile

Capacity Tube lenght Ref Qty
2000 ml 90 cm 850421-000000 10


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