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Paediatric AquaFlate Glycerine - Balloon catheters

Paediatric AquaFlate Glycerine balloon catheter

AquaFlate Glycerine Brillant is a 2-way balloon catheter for children – made of silicone with prefilled syringe

Paediatric AquaFlate Glycerine: Balloon catheter is transparent and has a valve for connection to a Luer or a Luer-Lock syringe for balloon inflation. A sterile packed prefilled syringe (1.5, 3 or 5ml sterile 10% glycerine solution) for balloon inflation is included. Due to the radiopaque catheter tip and x-ray contrast stripe along the shaft the catheter is visible on x-ray images.

Further characteristics – Paediatric AquaFlate Glycerine

  • 2 self-adhesive documentation labels
  • Sterile, single-use
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

Product codes – Paediatric AquaFlate Glycerine

Tip Ref Order Size Balloon Eyes Length QTY
Cylindrical, solid tip, with stylet 178003 Ch. 6 1.5 ml 2 opposing eyes Approx. 31 cm 5
Ch. 8 3 ml 2 opposing eyes Approx. 31 cm 5
Ch. 10 5 ml 2 opposing eyes Approx. 31 cm 5
Tiemann, with stylet 178004 Ch. 8 3 ml 1 eye Approx. 31 cm 5
Ch. 10 5 ml 1 eye Approx. 31 cm 5


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