Superglide Integral Plus Stent Sets - Ureteral stents

Superglide Integral Plus Stent Sets

Superglide Integral Plus Stent is a ureteral stent with hydrophilic coating and retraction thread at the vesical end

Superglide Integral Plus Stent Sets: Stent is made of polyurethane with hydrophilic coating and retraction thread at the vesical end. The set is provided with Superglide ureteral catheter, made of PVC, central opening, Ch. 5, max. I.D. 0.038”.

Further characteristics

  • Graduation in cm
  • Stent completely radiopaque
  • Pigtail and drainage eyes as indicated in the table 
  • Sterile, single-use

Set components

  • Ureteral stent
  • 2 fixation clamps
  • Introducer made of polyurethane (yellow), approx. 45 cm long
  • Flexible guidewire made of stainless steel with PTFE coating, fixed core, flexible safety tip and rigid tip: approx. 150 cm long Superglide ureteral catheter with central opening
  • Patient Implant Card
  • 3 self-adhesive documentation labels
  • Sterile packaging

Product codes

Tip and eye configuration
For coaxial applications | Central opening

Ref according to length of straight part Order
size (Ch)
24 cm 26 cm 28 cm
- 334752 - 4.8/6/7 5
- - 334753 4.8/6/7/8 5
334751 - - 6/7 5

Maximum Diameter of Guidewire for Superglide Integral Plus Ureteral Stent Sets with Central Opening

Ch. 4.8 Ch. 6 Ch. 7
0.035" 0.035" 0.035"


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