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Superglide Valve Stent

Superglide Valve Stent is a hydrophilic coated ureteral stent featuring a valve at the vesical end

Superglide Valve Stent: A stent designed to reduce vesicorenal and/or vesicoureteral reflux and help enhance patient comfort over long term use compared to ureteral stents without anti-reflux valve. To help ensure easy and gentle insertion, the tips are smooth and conical. Once the guidewire is removed, the tips are designed to assume their original pigtail shape thanks to the memory effect of the material, which helps ensure secure retention in the renal pelvis. Stent with hydrophilic coating, made of polyurethane, drainage eyes along renal end pigtail. Anti-reflux valve at the bladder end of the stent also made of polyurethane. The valve is designed to avoid pressure increase in the upper urinary tract, which may help reduce flank pain. For retrograde application only. All stents shown on this page accept a 0.035” guidewire.

Further characteristics – Superglide Valve Stent

  • Graduation in cm
  • Stent completely radiopaque
  • Pigtail and drainage eyes as indicated in the table 
  • Sterile, single-use

Product codes – Superglide Valve Stent

Tip and eye configuration
For coaxial applications | Central opening

Ref according to length of straight part Order
size (Ch)
24 cm 26 cm 28 cm
334324 334326 334328 4.8/6/7/8 5


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