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Rüsch P-Bag - Urine collectors

Rüsch P-Bag urine collector

Rüsch P-Bag is a closed urinary drainage system

Rüsch P-Bag is provided with a vented1 drip chamber with integrated anti-reflux valve designed to interrupt the urine flow and with an additional bag ventilation1. The universal connector with protective cap and specially designed connector ridges helps to enable a secure connection with the catheter funnel. The needle-free urine sampling port allows urine withdrawal with a Luer-slip syringe without the risk of needle-stick injury. The bag is fixed using the hook or cord options.

Further characteristics – Rüsch P-Bag

  • Approximate graduation in ml
  • Flexible inlet tubing with sheet clip and slide clamp
  • Drainage outlet with single hand clamp
  • Doghouse holder to fix the outlet tube
  • Sterile, single-use

Product codes – Rüsch P-Bag

Ref Capacity Tube length QTY
673052-000000 1.000 ml 90 cm 20

1 Ventilation features a hydrophobic and oleophobic membrane


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