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Rüsch U-Bag - Urine collectors

Rüsch U-Bag urine collector

Rüsch U-Bag is a closed urinary drainage system with integrated 400 ml measurement chamber

Rüsch U-Bag is provided with a 400 ml mounted pivoting double measurement chamber with integrated 50 ml measurement chamber and sampling port as well as a vented1 drip chamber with integrated anti-reflux valve designed to interrupt the urine flow and with an additional ventilation1 at the measurement chamber and bag. The universal connector with protective cap and specially designed connector ridges helps to enable a secure connection with the catheter funnel. The needle-free urine sampling port allows urine withdrawal with a Luer-slip syringe without the risk of needle-stick injury. The bag is fixed using the hook and loop strap with D ring.

Further characteristics – Rüsch U-Bag

  • Approximate graduation in ml
  • Flexible inlet tubing with sheet clip and slide clamp
  • Drainage outlet with single hand clamp
  • Doghouse holder to fix the outlet tube
  • Sterile, single-use

Product codes – Rüsch U-Bag

Ref Capacity Tube length QTY
673064-000000 2.000 ml 120 cm 10
673065-000000 2.000 ml 150 cm 10

1 Ventilation features a hydrophobic and oleophobic membrane


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